Hitman: Contracts

Hitman: Contracts – trečiasis „Hitman“ serijos kompiuterinis žaidimas, išleistas 2004 metais. Žaidimas sukurtas Danijos kompanijos „IO Interactive“, kuri šiuo metu priklauso „Eidos Interactive“. Veiksmas vystosi samdomo žudiko 47 prisiminimuose. „Hitman: Contracts“ žaidime veiksmas apytiksliai vystosi ankstesniuosiuose 47 prisiminimuose. Dauguma žaidimo misijų yra perdarytos iš ankstesnių serijos žaidimų misijų, tik iš kitokio požiūrio taško.


To enable the cheat codes you must first edit the hitmancontracts.ini file in a
text editor. Add "EnableCheats 1" (without quotes) to the last line of the file
and save. Be sure to back up your hitmancontracts.ini file BEFORE editing.

Enter the following cheats during any mission and mind the case sensitivity.
You do NOT need to use the console for these cheats to work.

Enter the following cheats during any mission:

IOISLO gives Slow Motion
IOIER gives Bomb Mode
IOIHITLEIF gives Full Health
IOIHITALI gives Boxing Mode
IOILEPOW gives Lethal Charge
IOIGRV gives Gravity
IOINGUN gives Nail Gun mode
IOIPOWER gives Magaforce
IOIRULEZ gives God Mode
IOIPENNY gives Unknown

Console Cheats:

The following cheats require you to enable the console first. Using a text editor,
open the file 'hitmancontracts.ini' that is in the hitman folder. Add the following
line to the end of the file, and save it. "EnableConsole 1" (without quotes)

Inside the game (during any mission), press [SHIFT]+[ESCAPE] to enter the Console
Cheat Menu - in the menu you may toggle the following items ON = 1 or OFF = 0

GIVE ALL = Gives All Weapons
GIVE SOME = Gives Some Weapons
INFAMMO = Infinite Ammunition
GOD MODE = God Mode
INVISIBLE MODE = You are Invisible
SHOW ENEMY VISION = See what Select Enemy Sees
TIME MULTIPLIER = Speed Up or Slow Down Gamespeed

Unlock Minigun and Dual Gold Desert Eagles:

In Mission 9- The Wang Fou Incident, look for an hidden Elevator not marked on your Map, and select go down into the basement of the restaurant (or you could take the stairs....). Follow the long corridors until you come to another Elevator, call it up, and select to go into the Mansion. Look around until you find an office. On the desk is Orthmeyers Keycard. Beat the mission with this in your inventory. Now, when you complete the game, select the 'Current Game' option, and replay Mission 1- Asylum Aftermath. Make sure you have these Weapons in your Inventory before you leave the mission to add them to the Weapons Cache.