Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution yra penktoji „Hitman“ kompiuterinio žaidimo serijos dalis. Ji buvo išleista 2012 m. lapkričio 20 d. Kaip ir visas kitas dalis, „Absolution“ kuria Danijos bendrovė „IO Interactive“. Tuo tarpu leidėjas pirmą kartą serijos istorijoje yra „Square Enix“. Žaidime naudojamas naujos kartos Glacier 2 variklis.

Hit man booty mode
When you find a women go behind her hold up and R1 you well now see big booty for all people and you

Unlock all movies
At the level select screen press left untill you get to last stage now press L3 R3 you well here a nasty sound like fart

Poop menu easter eggs
At the press start screen where you see his eyes just hold R1R2R3L1L2L3 now press start you well see poop everywhere on main menu lol

Hitman the movie
Beat the game on very hard mode and don't die when the end movie is playing hold L3 R3 until main menu pop up it well take you to some kind of easter eggs it well show you 12 codes to enter playstation store to download hitman movie foe free code used 7tsc-mj50-xxzn

A Heavy Blow (Bronze) : Assassinate facility leaders
A Personal Contract (Silver) : Assassinate Travis
A Taste for the Game (Bronze) : Complete 10 challenges
All Bark and no Bite (Bronze) : Assassinate Wade
Blood Money (Bronze) : Complete the Play Contract Tutorial
Catch a Ride (Bronze) : Enter the train in the train station
Chamber of Secrets (Bronze) : Locate room 899
Competitive Spirit (Silver) : Create a contract competition
Contender (Silver) : Participate in a contract competition
Damage Control (Bronze) : Contain a situation gone bad
Destroying Something Beautiful (Bronze) : Assassinate Layla
Faith Can Move Mountains (Bronze) : Defeat Sanchez with your bare hands
First Contract (Bronze) : Complete the Create Contract Tutorial
Forepost (Bronze) : Assassinate Wade's men
Heavy Burden (Bronze) : Assassinate Diana Burnwood
Hour of Reckoning (Bronze) : Approach the church
Inconspicuous (Bronze) : Remain undetected in a whole checkpoint
Information is Power (Silver) : Collect all evidence
It's All in the Wrist (Bronze) : Achieve a lethal throw kill
Jack of All Trades (Silver) : Collect all play styles
Jailbird (Bronze) : Gain access to the jail
Kingslayer (Bronze) : Assassinate the King of Chinatown
Like Stealing Candy From a Baby (Bronze) : Pacify Lenny the Limp
Not Worth It (Bronze) : Leave Lenny in the desert
One of the Guys (Silver) : Blend in successfully
One With the Shadows (Silver) : Escape attention from enemies
Partners in Crime (Silver) : Play a contract created by a friend
Reach for the Stars (Silver) : Complete 50 challenges
Rocksteady (Bronze) : Execute a point shooting with 3 kills
Sandman (Bronze) : Subdue a person
Self-improvement (Bronze) : Buy an upgrade
Set for Life (Silver) : Earn 1 million contract dollars
Signature Weapons (Bronze) : Acquire the Silverballers
Silent Assassin (Silver) : Achieve the rating: Silent Assassin
Step Into the Light (Bronze) : Exit the mines
The Bartender Always Knows (Bronze) : Approach the bartender
The Final Countdown (Bronze) : Assassinate Blake Dexter
The Killing Fields (Bronze) : Eliminate the Saints
The Russian Hare (Bronze) : 47 precision headshots using a sniper rifle
Thumbs Up (Silver) : Like a contract
True Form (Bronze) : Acquire suit & gloves
True Potential (Bronze) : Unlock a technique
Under Wraps (Bronze) : Hide a body
Whoops (Bronze) : Achieve your first accident kill
Absolution (Gold) : Complete Hitman: Absolution on any professional difficulty
Grand Master (Gold) : Complete 100 challenges
Top of Your Game (Platinum) : Collect all trophies

Play as jesus christ
First you need a priest costume go to a cross hold x about 5 mins you well look like jesus

Play as santa
Left right up up down x left left select select up on game play

Play as kane
Left 8 times right 8 times up 20 times on game play

Hitman Blood Money Easter Egg
In the mission were you go to get a new suit go behind the front counter and go through the door go down the stairs go to the left were you see the desk with the typewriter then go to the left and look on the chair and there will be a disguise and putt it on.

More easter eggs
At the church shoot the bad dude and movie plays you well here hitman blood money last stage music lol

Trophies glitches
Beat the first stage real fast hold R1R2L1L2 and trophies well unlock a lot it work for me

Easter eggs kane and lynch
At the bar look left you well see kane go to him and here him talk lol now at the gunshop where you do gunshots go right you well see lynch shooting tarets lol and you can kill him

Infinite ammo
Mainscreen hold L3 R3 down now tap o o o select select start warning this cheat well not let trophies unlock

Godmode in story mode only
Main screen hold L3 R1 press leftupdownrightrightleftleftoxstart when cheat works the trophies well not unlock