Half-Life: Blue Shift

Half-Life: Blue Shift yra antras „Half-Life“ serijos žaidimo „Half-Life“ papildymas, šįkart su Black Mesa apsaugos darbuotoju Barney’u Calhoun’u, kuris mėgina pabėgti nuo ateivių invazijos. „Blue Shift“ buvo išleistas 2001 m. birželio 12 d.


Start the game by running the game from your RUN menu with:
"C:\GameFolder\bshift.exe" -console

Now you can bring down the console command box at any time
during the game with the ~ key (tilde).
Now before loading a map or game, you must open your console and type "sv_cheats 1" (excluding ""). Alternatively you may place the command in your "C:\GameFolder\config.cfg" file with notepad, so it will be automatically set next time you
open the game.

You may now use the following commands (excluding ""):

"god" - God Mode
"noclip" - NOCLIP Mode : Fly through walls
"notarget" - No Target Mode
"impulse 101" - Gives all weapons
"sv_gravity x" - Adjusts Gravity where when X = 800 the game uses default gravity and when X = 0 there is no gravity.
"sv_accelerate x" - Adjusts air acceleration so you move more when you jump. Default = 10 but increase for more effective bunnyhopping :)
"skill x" - Adjusts skill in-game, 1 = Easiest, 3 = Hardest.