Fallout – atvirojo pasaulio kompiuterinis žaidimas vaidmenimis (RPG) DOS ir Windows platformoms. Žaidime iškeliama mintis, kad XXI amžiuje (tiksliau 2077 metais) kils branduolinis karas, per valandą nušluosiantis viską, bet per kitą šimtmetį viskas pamažu atgims. Tik pasaulis niekada nebebus toks, koks buvęs. Visi žmonijos likučiai išsimėtę giliai po žeme įrengtuose milžiniškuose bunkeriuose – slėptuvėse. Joks žmogus nėra matęs saulės šviesos. Visi gimsta ir miršta po masyviomis metalinėmis durimis, kurių nevalia atidaryti, nes lauke tyko greita mirtis. Vienuose bunkeriuose esantys žmonės nieko nežino apie kitus ir ar kitos slėptuvės dar išvis veikia.

Exploding developer
Type boom at the credits screen to see an animation of producer Tim Cain's head exploding.

Credit comments
Hold [Shift] during the credit sequence to hear comments from the development team.

Unlimited experience points

  • Go to the Warehouse section of the Boneyard. Kill all the Deathclaws in the area, but do not kill the Mother Deathclaw down the stairs. Exit the Warehouse area and rest for 24 hours. This trick can be done as many times as needed. Note: This should only be done after you bring the Water Chip to Vault 13, as it takes a lot of days to reach higher experience requirements.

  • Go to the Hub and then to the Friendly Lending Co. Use lockpicks on the large door and Lorenzo will turn his guards on you. Kill them, then keep unlocking the door with lockpicks to get 45 experience points each time.

  • Increase your Steal skill very high, then go to someone with lots of money. Steal one bottle cap at a time to get 10 experience points each time. If someone has over 2000 bottle caps, you can get a large number of experience. Save the game after you steal lots of bottle caps.

  • After killing the Deathclaws (including Mother Deathclaw and the eggs), return to the Gun Runners. Speak to the guard at the bridge and say that you want to speak with Gabriel. Go to Gabriel. Ask for weapons and ammo as a reward for killing the Deathclaws.You will get 1,000 experience points and your karma will go increase by one point. Return to the Deathclaw warehouse, then go back to the Gun Runner's place. Repeat this as many times as desired to get 1,000 experience points each time.

  • After accepting and completing the Fargo Traders' "Missing Caravan" mission, return to Old Town in The Hub. Speak to the mutant named Harold and ask him about the Death Claw. Then, go outside of the building and speak to the Slappy, who you will find walking in circles. He will ask you to take the Death Claw. You will then be at a cave and receive 800 experience points. Exit and choose to go back to Old Town again. Speak to Slappy once more. Take the Death Claw and repeat the process for another 800 experience points. Repeat this as many times as desired.

  • Stealing can be tricky and any failed attempt will prompt you to reload the game to avoid getting killed by the entire town. However, stealing is the quickest and easiest way to gain experience and level up, especially in the early stages of the game. There is a safe way to pickpocket NPCs, without having a mob kill you every time you fail. You can achieve this through the help from one of your NPC teammates. The first NPC you can recruit is Ian, a wounded mercenary resting in Shady Sands (located between Vaults 13 and 15). When you successfully recruit him (and gain 100 experience), remove him from the party and start stealing items from him. Stealing in sequences without exiting will provide more experience than just stealing one item and exiting: Failing to steal from Ian will not alarm the other NPCs. Thus, they will not attack you, nor will your karma be harmed. If Ian runs out of items to steal, plant some items back in his inventory and repeat the process. Planting items also increases your stealing experience. Stealing from Ian or other NPC in your team while they are still active in your team will not bring you any experience points. Remember to remove them from the team and recruit them later. This process is also useful for equipping your friends with weapons, ammunition and other items.

Building skills
In the Hub, there is a library where you can buy books to increase your Repair, Science, First Aid, Outdoorsman, and Small Weapons skills. These books can be expensive. Use the following trick to make them free:
1. Make sure your character has a good Steal skill (50%+)
2. Go to the Librarian, Mrs. Staple, and use your Steal skill on her.
3. Steal her Desert Eagle.
4. Trade it back to her for books.
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 as necessary.

Note: Your skills will eventually bottom out, at about the 90% mark. Upon reaching this amount, each time you try to read a book it will tell you that you failed to learn anything new. Also, you may want to do this after you get the Water Chip, as reading a book eats up time.

Easy Caps

  • Go to the casino/bar, talk to the black man wearing metal armor and hold 1 + 4. In about a minute you will have over 2,000 caps. You must have at least 55% on Gambling to get this amount. The higher the percentage, the faster you will get more money.

  • This trick requires a good Steal Skill (50% or more). Find any person with lots of money and quicksave by pressing [F6]. Steal all of their money, if you fail, quickload by pressing [F7]. If you succeed, quicksave again and then quickload. When it loads, the person will have their money back, but with a different amount (not by much). Keep doing this repeatedly to have unlimited money.

  • In Junktown, go to Doc Morbid's basement and uncover his dead body scheme. Go to hub and save the game prior to talking to Iguana Bob. Then, blackmail him. Once your Intelligence, Speech and Barter levels are higher, talk to him again, saying you have no more expenses and that you need to raise the blackmail. Once he agrees to an amount, speak to him again and tell him you have more expenses. Ask for the same amount. Repeat this to get as much money as desired.

  • Go to Killian's Darkwater store at 6:00 and enter his room. Crack his safe, take the guns and items in the bookcase, then steal Killian's belongings. Save the game, then load it. Check Killian's inventory and he will have more items. Steal them all, then repeat this as many times as desired. If you cannot carry anymore, exit the room, rest until 8:00, then talk to Killian and sell them all.

  • After you help the Blades defeat the Regulators, return to the Blades base and speak to Michael. If you select the second option, he will give you four Stimpacks and about 100 caps. After he gives you the items, talk to him again. You will get the same options again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Defeating the Master

  • Make sure you are at a reasonable level and have reasonable armor. Go to the third basement of the cathedral. Kill all the mutants in the large room to the left. The one behind a table has a chaingun, but the table is in the way. )This next part requires Lockpick and Science skills. There is an elevator on the far left. Pick the lock and use it. On the fourth floor, there are two mutants; the top one has a Laser Minigun and the bottom one has a Plasma Fist. Dispose of them. Use your Science skill on the console connected to the Nuclear Warhead. You should now have 240 seconds to leave, which is quite a feat if you happened to leave people alive upstairs and in the cathedral. You have defeated the Master without even seeing him.

  • To do this a different way, go to the Brotherhood and sign up. Get the disk from Vree on the third floor. Read it in your inventory and then in your Pip-Boy. Go to the cathedral. Shoot a random person inside and kill everyone that attacks you. Get to the Master in the basement. Make the conversation go as follows.
    Prove that this is the best choice.
    How do I know if it's the best future?
    Tell me (not the stupid choice)
    The master race being mutants?
    The others as well?
    You've got a problem. Your mutants are sterile.
    Have you asked them? Ask a female mutant.
    Sorry, your race is doomed. (Do not gloat)
    Sorry, there isn't any other option. (Do not gloat)

Get out before 240 seconds, then enjoy the ending.

Better armor class
Note: This trick requires v1.0 of the game. Get a bag and some armor. Equip the armor, then enter the bag. Drop the armor off of your character, then pick it up. Repeat to build your armor class.

Boneyard: Developer appearance
Go to the Followers Of The Apocalypse's area in Boneyard. You will find a building out back of the library to the upper left. When you enter, there will be a person wearing Combat Armor. Use the look pointer on him. The text will read something similar to "You see a burly bounty hunter with a nametag that reads "Hi. I'm Christopher, and you're meat!" It will credit the NPC as being named Chris Avallone, one of the game's developers.

Boneyard: Turbo Plasma Rifle
Go to Boneyard after you have the missing parts from the dead body. Talk to Smitty in the first house, where you can see a man through a hole in the ceiling. He will give you a Turbo Plasma Rifle. Note: You must have a plasma rifle before talking to Smitty.

Boneyard: Getting Katja
Talk to her and she will join you.

The glow
The glow is not as bad as people say. You can go there very easily just by dosing yourself with Radx, and taking Radaway when you leave. Be sure not to do too many things that take game time (play chess with the computer, use skills, etc.). Look out for the keycards, and remember each lift is trapped. You can get some valuable weapons and even more valuable information. It is a good idea to go straight to the Brotherhood, then straight here after the water chip is found.

The Hub: .233 pistol
Help the man in the falling down building towards the south of The Hub marketplace. Once the raiders are dead, he gives you the .233 pistol, one of the best pistol in the game.

The Hub: Power Armor
Go to The Hub, then go to Old Town. The first building at the bottom of the screen has a gang in it. If you have enough Stimpacks and some good armor, fight them. After killing the gang, go to the back room in that building and release the man in there. He asks you to tell Talus that he is okay. Talus is at the Brotherhood Of Steel. He will give you a list of weapons and Power Armor. Tell him you want the Power Armor. Then, talk to Michael to get the Power Armor.

Junktown: Getting Dogmeat
Dogmeat's owner used to be someone dressed all in black. He got tossed off a roof when challenging Gizmo. Equip your leather jacket as armor. Dogmeat will run towards you as soon as you are in his field of vision.
Go to the third part of the town. Give Dogmeat an iguana on a stick. You can get iguana on a stick in the Crash Hotel in the fridge.

Junktown: Getting Tycho
Go to the bar in the evening. He will join you if your speech skill is high enough.

LA Downtown: Access lockers and get The Blades' weapons and ammo
Go to the place above the cathedral, LA Downtown. Go to The Blades' leader. Tell her that you will get the weapons that she needs. Fight your way past any Deathclaws and go to the Gun Runners. Get good weapons and talk to Gabriel. Offer to take care of all the Deathclaws, and he will present you with two options -- either get lots of weapons and ammunition for yourself, or give weapons and ammo to The Blades. At this time, choose the answer for yourself. Take care of all the Deathclaws, including the mother and her eggs. After this, go back to Gabriel and tell him you have taken care of all the Deathclaws. Take the weapons and ammo for yourself. All the people should move around. Walk off the stage to the place where the Deathclaws were, then walk back. Everyone will stop moving. Talk to Gabriel. Ask why he does not get many visitors, then tell him that you killed all the Deathclaws. He should say that you have to wait a few days. Return to The Blades' base and rest for two days. Go back and he should ask you what you want for killing all the Deathclaws. Say that you have some friends who could use weapons and ammo. If done correctly, you should be able to access the lockers but still get The Blades' their weapons and ammo.

Necropolis: Mutant vat torture
Bring an NPC through the mutant vats from the watershed mutant in Necropolis. Load him up with your weapons, armor, Stimpacks (save 5-10 in your inventory), and ammo, but do not bring everything. When Harry takes you to the vats and the torture begins, use the stimpacks in inventory to heal in between the torture sessions. Take your items back from the NPC after returning to your room.

Necropolis: Water Chip
The Water Chip is in the sewers under Necropolis. Find the zombie in the sewers. He will ask you not to shoot him. Do not shoot him and he will help you . Get the parts from the sewers to fix the water pump. After this is done, you can take the Water Chip. It is located in the back room of the pump house. To reach it, go down the sewer and follow the tunnels to an abandoned vault. Fight your way to the elevator. On the third floor you will find a computer that is functional. Go to it, then Click it with your arrow to get the chip.

Raider Camp: Getting Tandi
Go to Shady Sands and talk to the guard to the left of the door. She will say that Tandi has been captured. This is a glitch. If you return later, Tandi will be kidnapped and will be at the Raider Base. At the Raider Base, talk to the leader. You can trade for her or fight for her.

Shady Sands: Getting Ian
Talk to Ian and he will join you if your speech skill is high enough. Alternately, give him 100 Caps.

Good conversation results
If there is a chance that a conversation may randomly not go too well (for example, if the roll against your Speech skill fails), simply save before talking to the person and keep going until the conversation goes favorably. This also works well when you are lockpicking or detecting traps on something tricky.

Gun classifications
Small guns covers rifles and machine guns, not just pistols. Big guns only covers minigun, flamethrower, and rocket launcher size weapons.

Crossing to the gun runners base
Once you have the Advanced Power Armor (getting it as soon as you are in the Brotherhood is recommended), you can easily walk over the narrow section of sludge around the gun runners base.

Hardened Power Armor
Talk to the man in the white lab coat in front of the house and farm when you have Power Armor. He will ask you to go to The Hub and get a book. Get the book and talk to him. He will give you Hardened Power Armor.

Red Ryder BB gun
When you encounter Bob (who sells cars), kill him, then go inside his house. You will find a crate with a Red Ryder BB gun. The BBs can be found in the footlocker (which you will have to pick the lock).

South Park reference
Go to the police station in The Hub. Find the officer named Kenny and kill him. You will hear "Oh my god, you killed Kenny!"

Plastic explosives
Plant a plastic explosive on someone, then click on your pip boy. Click on the little bell and rest for one or two hour. When the plastic explosive blows up, all their items will be on the floor, but you will not go in combat mode and the person will still be alive.

Create a character with good barter skills, and upgrade them whenever you level up. When bartering with someone, you can easily trade back and forth the same item. Empty them of all their items if you desire, leaving them with 1 cap. This works with everyone with a lower barter skill than you. The best person to do this with is the dwarven man with the gunrunners, especially considering the "Weight glitch". Basically, you can say to someone: "Swap my stimpak for your identical stimpak and all your money." It takes a while, but you can leave the gunrunner trader with just his (regenerating) caps, and keep swapping items around to get more.


  • Your character can hold infinitely more than his maximum carry weight by trading with someone. The game does not check to see if you can carry what you are buying. For example, a character can have the minigun, the flame thrower, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, .233 pistol, as well as lots of heavy ammo. If you have a problem where you need to pick something up from the game world, you can give everything except your money and other light things to Ian, then pick up the item. You can get all your items back, thanks to both the "Barter" and "Weight" glitches. Unfortunately the NPC fails to realize that the items are yours and that you just gave them to him to hold.

  • Although you cannot simply trade items from Ian to your character, you can use the Steal skill to take what you need from him with no chance of being caught. You can use this with the unlimited weight via bartering glitch to give everything you are not using to Ian, then steal it back when you need it.

Unlimited turns
Enter Combat mode. Pick up some ammunition for a gun and put it into your hands. Edge towards an enemy and Click on target to shoot him. Instead of dying he will say something, then you will have unlimited turns.

Killing the Overseer
After blowing up the Cathedral or the Military Base (depending on which one done first), you will be standing outside the Vault for a final conversation with the Overseer. Tap A very quickly to enter Combat mode. You can now fire at will and kill him. Note: The game may crash.